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Great end to this year’s Tour – more than most of us in this part of the world could have imagined. A few days on, the summer seems to have arrived in Britain and the country is gearing up for the Olympics at the end of the week.  Looking back over the past few weeks having embarked on this project, it’s been a wonderful experiment and a joy. I feel ready to try something new but here are a few drawings as a reminder.

3 thoughts on “ Au revoir…. for a while! ”

  1. Dear Hopeeternal – thanks so much, I do appreciate it. I’m thinking of doing something for the Olympics, so if I post a link on this blog, then you should be able to find it – is that right?


  2. Yes that’s right. Perhaps add an extra post saying what you are doing and putting in a URL to click across to the home page. You could well get traffic from others too. The Olympics sounds an interesting project. If you have the time go for it!


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