The winter in Britain this year has been exceptional, one of the worst in recent memory. This week we’ve seen farmers desperately trying to rescue their sheep and cattle, buried deep in snow drifting over the hedges where they sought shelter. Where the sun breaks through there is a slow thaw, but in the hedgerows it hangs on. The nights have been crystal clear and bitter cold with bright moonlight. The clocks change to British Summer Time tonight but the summer seems a very long way off. Last night, the moon called me at 3 o’clock and as always, lured me into getting my paints out. The white snow line under hedge was still bright, like the moon. Here’s my painting:

The Snow Line by Maxine Dodd, Acrylic on board, Good Friday Night

2 responses to “Snow into Spring”

  1. Maxine Dodd - Artist Avatar

    You’re not wrong! I’m tired today, but I had one of those restless nights… too many thoughts really. Anyway, the picture was nice to do and it was relatively peaceful until a certain pusscat decided that he could be artist’s assistant…. very distracting! xx


  2. Sheila Manwaring Avatar

    I love the moonlight and the light reflected off the snow. But don’t you need your sleep!!! X


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