Bonjour! Stage 18, the one with the notorious climb to Alpe d’Huez, lived up to expectations. An intense, gruelling stage, leaving riders not only battling the hill, but contending with arguably the largest crowds ever. The roads were chaotic all the way. Van Garderen led for most of the race and then with barely 2km to go, Christophe Riblon found a burst of energy and powered past, leaving the American in his wake. Making up for the disappointment of Jean-Christophe Peraud, Stage 18 was a fantastic win for Riblon. Magnifique! Here are my drawings:

4 thoughts on “ Tour de France 2013: Stage 18 – Gap to Alpe d’Huez ”

      1. Very weird and a bit frustrating with the mobs, especially on Dutch corner (with the crazy load euro pop as well). Luckily I done it a couple of days before, though that time the heat got me (40°).

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      2. Crikey! I should think it did! 40c is a ridiculous temperature to do anything! You did really well – I’d have been off to the beer tent long before! I have to say that the way the crowds are so close to the cyclists must be really quite alarming for them at times, annoying at others and fantastic support in between! Thank you for your reply 🙂


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