Hello! This weekend saw the return of the much-missed Olympic spirit to London in the form of the Anniversary Games. A great idea and the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Stadium was packed to see the stars from London 2012. They did not disappoint. A wonderful warm-up for the upcoming World Championships. Day 1 saw a great high jump contest and the magnificent Usain Bolt, while Day 2 saw a great women’s 100m, long jump and the return of Super Saturday stars, Jessica Ennis-Hill and the Mobot himself, Mo Farrah. Here are my drawings:

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2 responses to “Anniversary Games 2013: London”

  1. Maxine Dodd - Artist Avatar

    Thank you Cindy – much appreciated. The Olympics were so special last year and it was great to have a reminder of just how great it was. 🙂


  2. CindysArt Avatar

    Fantastic, Maxine! I missed the Anniversary Games :/ I love your art 🙂


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