6 thoughts on “ Olympic Thrills and spills ”

  1. Maxine
    I wonder whether you offer tuition at all? I admire your approach and what you are doing in sport is sort of what I’d like to do with wildlife.
    Bw Neil


    1. Hi Neil, thank you for your enquiry and very kind comments. I do teach from time to time but haven’t as yet offered tuition over the internet – so not quite sure if I can help – except to say that I think your wildlife work is very exciting and certainly lends itself to the kind of thing I’m attempting with sport. Would you be able to give me more of an idea of what you’re after? 🙂


      1. HI Maxine
        As it happens I live in Birmingham and I thought I saw on your blog you are also in the Midlands. My thoughts were inspired by the way you get your lines on the paper and then the sparing use of watercolour. My wife commented on unusual things I had not noticed – the snow in one sketch painted orange, but it caught the reflection from the skier’s strip and worked really well. In some ways I guess this cannot be taught, but you will know better than I what parts can be taught and what is just your own style and develops by practice and eye.
        The truth is that I am self taught over these last 8 years or so and mostly blundering from one technique to another.
        Anyway – just a thought.


  2. Hi Neil, apologies for the delay in getting back to you. At present, I tend to visit art groups and societies in Leicestershire to deliver one-off workshops and lectures. However, there is a possibility that I will offer something based in Leicestershire later in the year. My plans are not fully formed as yet, but I would be happy to let you know when I’ve put something definite in place, if a visit from Birmingham isn’t too far away for you. Thanks once more for your lovely comments and keep going with your own drawings, they’re terrific! 🙂


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