London: The Boat Race, 2014

Hello! Following on swiftly from one of the world’s oldest horse races, came one of the oldest rowing races – the battle on the Thames between the crews of Oxford and Cambridge Universities. It is an international event these days and its 160th running attracted a huge audience, not only on TV but every square-inch of land on the riverbanks and bridges lining the route. People must have glimpsed the boats for a few seconds as they went by. The skies were grey, the river choppy and for Cambridge fans, a slip in the water barely five minutes into the race sealed their team’s fate. Oxford took advantage and streamed home to victory. Here a my drawings:

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  1. As ever, brilliant!!!


  2. Thank you! 🙂 The perspective is difficult – but good to have a go. Must do more!


  3. sheilamanwaring

    Love the wet and choppy feel to the drawings! X


  4. Thanks Sheila, it did look cold on that day!


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