Hello! This weekend sees the third venerable sporting event that, in my mind, means that Spring has finally arrived, the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, USA. It’s a great contest between the best players on one of the finest courses in the world. The sun has shone brightly and the greens are fast and tricky to play. I love this tournament but have never drawn it before, so it’s a great challenge to capture it. More to follow but these are my first attempts. Here a my drawings:

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4 responses to “Spring at Augusta”

  1. Maxine Dodd - Artist Avatar

    Thanks Jackie! 🙂


  2. Jackie Avatar

    All of these drawings are great! They remind me of my Dad. He was a huge golf fan and loved drawings like these. 🙂


    1. Maxine Dodd - Artist Avatar

      Thanks Jackie, that’s a huge compliment! I think my drawings are a bit wild compared to the elegant beauty of Augusta, but I can’t help it. I’m a bit like ‘Animal’ from the Muppets when I get going!!!! 🙂


      1. Jackie Avatar

        That conjures a wonderful visual image! Your drawings are uniquely you and I think that fantastic. 🙂


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