Hello – and a belated Happy New Year! I’ve just come indoors from my first drawing expedition into the garden. I know that’s overstating it, but I do carry so much stuff down from the studio, it feels like I’m going to the North Pole! Weather bright and sunny after a flurry of snow – not like the painted sketches I did last year (or was it the year before?), but certainly, it was chilly! I went down to the pond, where I discovered our first snowdrops. I used large paper and pastel for a change. Here are my drawings and photos from today along with a couple of studies of the garden in oil when the snow came down properly!:

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14 thoughts on “ Drawing January: Winter and snowdrops ”

    1. Anita, thank you so much! I was thinking about you when I ‘set out’ on my adventure in the snow this morning – I thought to myself, ‘This is a bit tame compared with Chicago and a polar vortex!!!!’ I couldn’t believe the snowdrops either – they’re definitely earlier than usual, but you can see that they face south and get a lovely spell of sunshine when it comes out. 🙂

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    1. It certainly seems to be shaping up that way, Sheree. I bet it’s just right for riding the bike where you are – Very slippery round here! Thanks for lovely comment, glad you like the paintings, Happy New Year to you and all at Velovoices 🙂


      1. so that’s where I differ. I stand in the cold drawing while my feet turn to ice. Once in the States, I went snow shoe walking (they warned me to watch out for grizzlies). I tried to paint the scenery but the paints wont work when the water freezes on the brush.

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      2. You’re absolutely right! It’s a different proposition altogether in a country that really knows what ‘cold’ is… and we don’t have the threat of bears here. It’s a walk in the park by comparison. 🙂


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