Crowds on the Hill, Cote de Cow and Calf, by Maxine Dodd

The success of the visit of the Tour de France to Yorkshire in 2014 took everyone by surprise. The course was challenging, the people came out in droves, villages, towns, even the sheep turned yellow and the wider TV audience saw how stunningly beautiful Yorkshire is. It was no surprise that the Tour de France organisers wished to repeat the experience, so in May, the inaugural Tour de Yorkshire took place. The weather was a little cooler but the yellow was abundant in the fields and the spring skies just added to the drama. It was a fantastic weekend of cycling, the first Tour de Yorkshire and the first of many I hope. Here are my drawings:

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In case you were wondering… all the paintings are original and for sale – See ‘Click to buy’ on each image and for general information Picture Information


10 responses to “Le Tour de Yorkshire”

  1. Patrick Gariup Avatar
    Patrick Gariup

    They say an image is a1000 words , well , here are a few thousand of them that are not enough to describe the talent ..

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    1. Maxine Dodd - Art Avatar

      Patrick, that is a wonderful compliment, I can’t thank you enough, you’ve made my day! Thank you! 😊


  2. designsweet Avatar

    Wonderful energy!

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