SOLD - Heading for Holmfirth, by Maxine Dodd SOLD

Hello! I’m in the process of choosing work for my exhibition which opens at the end of June. Over next few weeks, I thought I would run a series of posts featuring some of the pictures that you’ll be able to see. This first collection is based around the first four stages of last year’s Tour de France, set in England and France. They are linked thematically but I’ve grouped them also because they were made in a wide panorama format. I love this paper because it ‘pushes’ the composition to an extra width and reduced height that a conventional landscape paper doesn’t give. See what you think! Here are the drawings:

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18 responses to “‘Racing Lines: Le Tour’”

    1. Maxine Dodd, artist Avatar

      Thanks very much to all at On the Edge – to have such lovely comments from keen cyclists is always fantastic! Thank you as always for the work on my frames. You’re doing a great job, see you next week! 🙂


  1. segmation Avatar

    What awesome art! What inspired you to draw Tour de France?

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    1. Maxine Dodd, artist Avatar

      Thank you! I’ve enjoyed the Tour for a long time and am still astounded that they can ride such a long way every day. The endurance is certainly a factor. Plus, I’m a very wobbly cyclist and wish I could ride well. The professionals make it look so graceful, especially in descent, which terrifies me! Thanks again for your lovely comment, 😀

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  2. christianekraft Avatar

    All of your pictures are colorful and “enjoying “us !

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