Where are they? by Maxine Dodd, SOLD

Hello! It’s been an enjoyable process selecting work for ‘Racing Lines: Le Tour’, I find that the pictures remind me of the races quite vividly – just as photos do. This week’s preview highlights some of the racing itself, the teams, the time trials, the sprint for the line and the long and winding peloton. Have a great weekend, here are my drawings:

12 responses to “‘Racing Lines: Le Tour’ teams, riders and racing…”

  1. Maxine Dodd, artist Avatar

    That would be fantastic – a great compliment, thank you!


  2. kestrelart Avatar

    Hi someone else asked so might I follow up? Ignore me if you want. Do you work live in the field or from the television as it happens? I can’t imagine the mechanics of doing this in the field so guess it must be from the telly, but I’ve always wanted to know.

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    1. Maxine Dodd, artist Avatar

      Yes, it’s from the TV, it’s impossible to see the views I draw from the crowds’ position at the sides. I’m short as well so even more of a challenge for me to see! I draw as the action happens and throw a lot away! I do record so I can play back but it’s never quite the same as working ‘live’ somehow. I’m always happy to answer questions, thank you for getting in touch, much appreciated!

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      1. kestrelart Avatar

        That makes sense.
        If I can get to the Kettering exhibition somehow, I will. I would like to see your work in the flesh as it were.

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