Tour de France 2015: Stage 3 – Anvers to Huy

Bonjour! Stage 3 headed towards France via Belgium, on a course that finished with a climb on the notorious Mur de Huy. All proceeded well, in bright sunshine, until an horrendous crash caused riders to pile into each other, landing round a streetlight. Many fell, including Yellow Jersey, Cancellara and four riders abandoned. The race was halted while medics worked on the injured. Eventually, the stage restarted with battered and bruised riders, including Cancellara, making their way to the finish.* The closing climb produced a nailbiting finish; the win for Rodriguez, but second place, Chris Froome, scored enough bonus points to secure the Yellow Jersey. A dramatic day. Here are my drawings:

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* (See latest news about Cancellara)

9 thoughts on “Tour de France 2015: Stage 3 – Anvers to Huy

  1. Maxine – your depictions of the race are so dramatic. You capture so much with your painting style and interpretation of the races. I saw bits on the news last night, what a day for the riders.

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    I have come across this Blog called: ‘Maxine Dodd: Racing Lines’ – check out some of the sketches of yesterday’s Stage three – it is a truly unique approach to the Tour De France!

    I will make sure I post more of these throughout the race – and just to make sure this is not my work! (I certainly couldn’t do anything like this!)

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      1. That’s fine – I have never seen cycling represented in that way, and I just thought it was very cool. I shall definitely be posting anymore you do on my blog as well!

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