Bonjour! Stage 15 pressed on through the stunning scenery beside the rivers Ardèche and Rhone towards the Alps. The conditions were hot with the Tramontane wind’s influence. In spite of the hills and climbs, there was a chance for the sprinters on the flat at the finish – really the last before Paris, so there was much to chase for the key riders. Team Katusha looked strong in the earlier part of the stage, Team Sky continued to hold their position, but the excitement came at the close, where four sprinters charged for the line. Another great performance from Andre Greipel who took the win, although the Green Jersey remained with Peter Sagan. Here are my drawings:

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Just in case you were wondering…the pictures featured here are available to buy. The Picture Information page has full details about them including; sizes, framing and prices. You can order a painting by email on
Thanks very much! 🙂

All images copyright Maxine Dodd

172 thoughts on “ Tour de France 2015: Stage 15 – Mende to Valence ”

  1. I love the white spaces left, giving space for individual colours to breathe and the minimal use of sketchy lines. It gives the element of speed and that exists in this sport.

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      1. Well thank you for posting your work. Sometimes negative space can be underestimated how subtle its effects has on a piece of work. This especially when then finished work has that ‘unfinished’ quality which leaves viewers to fill in the spaces for themselves, or not if they wish to.

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  2. I love how the paint is used almost so abstract that it creates the atmosphere of actually being at the Tour De france which I can imagine is an amazing experience and atmosphere just through these images.

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      1. I feel that your paintings really achieve that atmosphere of the teams riding together with the use of bright paints, in my opinion anyway, and the darker colours almost create that tense atmosphere, I love how simple the outlines are and how you are still able to tell what is going on

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  3. Hello.. i hope you want to see my blog about drawing created me. Yeah.. although my drawing not good but i want to share it for you all see. I hope you can see in, thanks

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  4. Wow, these are beautiful! I think something about the watercolor medium really captures the movement and fluidity of the Tour de France.

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  5. Visualizing the tour your paintings bring my imagination in full gear. Thank you for exhibiting your creations and showcasing your talent which is vividly an expression of the event.

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      1. Hi Maxine, I am impressed by the way you conjure speed, use colour, and obviously work at great speed. Have you painted dance? If not I wish you would contact a ballet/contemporary dance com0any and ask if you could paint a class or rehearsal. Please do, Stephen (see my blog on Ali) Don’t do much sport.

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      2. Hi Stephen, thanks so much for your lovely comment. Dance is a favourite subject of mine and one that I’ve returned to many times. There aren’t many on this blog though, something I should rectify! However, there are some in the Galleries section, under Performance. Scroll down beyond the musicians and you’ll find them 😀


    1. Thanks for your comment. You’re right about watercolours, they are difficult! I still feel as though I’m learning, but they are lovely to experiment with, the pigments react so well with each other, you never quite know what you’re going to get and that’s the best bit for me, I hope you persevere with them, it’s worth it 😀

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  6. Amazing paintings here, never seen the Tour de France captured in art form before (apart from photography). They really catches the colour and festivity of the event and the blur of the cyclists flying by (I have never been but I imagine once you have waited all day for the cyclists to pass by when they do they’re gone again with the wind!).

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