Hello! The 2015 Rugby World Cup began last week and has already delivered some fabulous matches, with great highs and lows for teams and fans alike. Yesterday was the ‘big one’ for British fans, as England played Wales at home in Twickenham. The match was an absolute thriller – with wonderful kicking, spectacular drop goal and the final mesmerising try. It was fast, furious, relentless. Wales triumphed in the last moments – for England fans it was so close and yet so far!  Here are my drawings:

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9 thoughts on “ Rugby World Cup: England v Wales ”

    1. Thank you Mike! Lovely to hear from you. I couldn’t agree with you more… Not a good night for England fans 😦 We need to bounce back for Australia…. And it will need to be a very big bounce!!!


  1. I like the features, sketches and so dominant that crystallizes yellow eyes….
    I hope the translation is good…. Je disais que j’aimais la façon dont tu travaille le trait(façon croquis) et la dominante de jaune qui attire et cristallise le regard….)

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