And then we were six…

Hello! After a momentous and for some, heart-wrenching Rugby World Cup last year, it is almost a relief for fans of northern hemisphere rugby to see six teams get together for their annual tournament – friendly rivals and great sport. The first matches were played last weekend, including the Scotland-England Calcutta cup game, France and Italy and Ireland and Wales. I love the speed and blur of colours as the players weave across the field. It’s constant catch up but the thrill of the chase is unbeatable!  Here are my impressions:

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5 Comments on “And then we were six…

  1. I like the movement , spontaneity of getse which blends harmoniously with the colors chosen . The shape fades more and more , being only suggested , it’s great

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  2. beautiful use of line and movement in this Maxine! I especially love the white space which creates even more drama and impact. you must totally love sports!! lovely painting 🙂 cheers, Debi

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