Cycling Art, Stephen Cummings does it again! Tour of the Basque Country by Maxine Dodd

Hello! The 2016 cycling season is well and truly underway, with the climax to the Classic season taking place on the pavés tomorrow with the Paris – Roubaix. I’ve been following the Tours of Catalunya and the Basque Country by way of an artistic warm-up and the races have given an exciting preview of what’s to come. One highlight for me was another startling stage win by the UK’s Stephen Cummings, who has the knack of appearing from nowhere at tremendous pace to steal a win and surprise all the pundits! Here are my drawings:

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10 responses to “Welcome Spring”

  1. castillonlanie Avatar

    Hi Maxine I really like your blog post,, can you give me some tips how to make a good blog to my readers 💝👍

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    1. Maxine Dodd, artist Avatar

      Hi there! My tip is to have a purpose to your blog and to make each post an interesting perspective on that. Find, or better still, create good images to illustrate your posts and learn from others. I find so many interesting blogs out there, use your reader to discover blogs that you like and they’ll probably like you back. It’s a wonderful thing to do and I wish you all the best with your blog 😀

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      1. castillonlanie Avatar

        Thank you ☺️☺️

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