Tour de France, Cycling, art, Sunny peloton, by Maxine Dodd

Bonjour! Stage 4 continued the theme of Stage 3, this was really the longest route of the Tour through luscious countryside and warm sunshine. The route was suited to the sprinters but held a twist at the end, with an unclassified climb. This suited the bigger riders and again we saw another remarkable sprint finish – even closer than yesterday, ‘A cat’s whisker’ said the delighted winner, Marcel Kittel. Fantastic!  Here are my drawings:

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7 responses to “Tour de France 2016: Stage 4 – Saumur to Limoges”

  1. Jackie Avatar

    Wonderful drawings! I love your work so much. I also love the new theme you’re using. Very nice. 😀

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    1. Maxine Dodd, artist Avatar

      Bless you Jackie! Thanks very much. I like this theme because it shows every single post I’ve ever done – warts and all as Oliver Cromwell said! I can’t believe that this is the fifth anniversary of my blog ‘Racing Lines’ – it’s been so great to do and I’m still hooked! 🙂

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