Tour de France, cycling art, Yellow Jersey for the first time! Greg Van Avermaet, by Maxine Dodd

Bonjour! Stage 5 began in Limoges and ended with another first-time wearer of the Yellow Jersey, Greg Van Avermaet. This time there was no doubt of the win, as Greg was way out in front as he came to the finish. He won his first stage last year in Rodez in a sprint with Peter Sagan (Click here for a reminder) and this time he showed his prowess in the hills.  The fans were out in force today – some casting the course orange with a flare or powder – not quite sure what… and it was great to see fast and graceful descents for the first time this year. Here are my drawings:

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7 responses to “Tour de France 2016: Stage 5 – Limoges to Le Lioran”

  1. Alittlebitoutoffocus Avatar

    I didn’t think of it as an investment. I just like looking at it and being reminded of that amazing finish. 🙂
    I see the Tigers v Foxes is first up on Sky – so one or both of us will be top of the league for a couple of hours !

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    1. Maxine Dodd, artist Avatar

      Thanks Mike – that’s even better! It reminds me too – it was a great win on a great day! 🙂

      I daren’t contemplate ‘our’ match! Should be a thriller though whatever the outcome 🙂

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  2. Alittlebitoutoffocus Avatar

    I’m really proud of my (your) picture. And so I was really pleased to see him hang on yesterday. (I guess it’s a bit like owning a bit of a racehorse…!)

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    1. Maxine Dodd, artist Avatar

      Well, I’m delighted that you bought it Mike! It’s the greatest compliment for an artist when someone likes a piece so much that they buy it. I will work my socks off to be a safe bet and a good investment for my buyers, you’re all treasures! Thank you! 😄

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    2. Maxine Dodd, artist Avatar

      He did brilliantly didn’t he! Should be going to Rio as well! 😀

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  3. Alittlebitoutoffocus Avatar

    Fabulous colours Maxine. 🙂 And another great win for Steve Cummings yesterday. Be sure to put a link to his victory last year… 😉

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    1. Maxine Dodd, artist Avatar

      Thanks Mike … And of course, the link will be there! 😄

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