Tour of Britain 2016: Stage 2 – Carlisle to Kendal

Cycling, art, Julien Vermote, Maxine Dodd

Hello!  Stage 2 of the Tour of Britain moved down from Scotland to England in the county of Cumbria with inevitably changeable weather. The race began in sunshine and finished in dark rain and mist. The course covered several punishing climbs, including one appropriately named, The Struggle. It was a hard day but plenty of fans – riders themselves out with their bikes – were up on the hills to give support. A delighted Julien Vermote burst away from Stephen Cummings on the last climb to take the win. He looked amazed as he crossed the line – a great day’s work! Here are my drawings:

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In case you were wondering… all the paintings are original and for sale. To find out more about them and how to buy, click here or Picture Information



  1. I think Steve is becoming a bit of a hero (certainly with me). He’s a bit of a maverick and you never know when he’ll strike ! Though it is good to see Sky varying their tactics for a change and it was a great win for Stannard yesterday. British cycling is in a good place at the moment. 🙂

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