cycling, art, tour de france, cavendish, sagan

Hello! There was one talking point from Stage 4. The end of the stage and the end of the race both for Mark Cavendish and Peter Sagan. I suspect the debate on the crash will last for a long time. Whatever your opinion, perhaps cycling fans can agree on one thing – that the race has lost two of its best and most exciting riders – and will be much the poorer for it. There are many photographs and videos of the incident, here’s my painting.

cycling, art, tour de france, cavendish, sagan
Elbow – SOLD

For more on Stage 4… See Velovoices article

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One response to “Tour de France 2017: Elbow – Sold”

  1. Alittlebitoutoffocus Avatar

    Yes, it was a big talking point. They should make the riders keep to their line (disqualifying them or giving them a penalty if they don’t) and that might help to stop this sort of crash. I think it was inevitable once both Sagan and Cavendish had tried to go on the right hand side and then ran out of room – something had to give.


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