jGallery – Racing Lines: Pop-Up Exhibition

Bonjour! I know, the Tour has started and I’m late… but there is a good reason! My good friend Sue, owner and curator of jGallery in Moulton, Northampton, contacted me with an idea of a new show celebrating not only the Tour de France but cycling itself – from vintage to ultra-modern.  The key word for us was ‘funky’! This show should be a little bit different… so do go along to see! The exhibition runs from 18th July to 4th August.

The show will feature 26 of my original pictures from the Tour de France races from 2012 – 2017. There are framed watercolours, pen and ink, along with mixed media images in acrylic and pastel.

Full details of the gallery, how to get there are below this glimpse of some of the images you can discover:

jGallery is the perfect venue and the paintings look stunning in this lovely setting.  The gallery also boasts a super garden and coffee shop – Treat yourself!  Exhibition details on www.jgallery.org.uk

gallery, jgallery, moulton, northampton, east midlands art gallery

jgallery, art, independent art gallery, moulton, northampton, East Midlands art gallery
2018 – jGallery – Racing Lines exhibition



jGallery – How to get there

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    Maxine Dodd’s pictures are beautiful. It’s well worth exploring her website to see some of her pictures from this year’s Tour de France. If you happen to be in Northampton, you can see them at the jgallery as well.

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