Tour de France 2018: Stage 1 – Noirmoutier-en-l’Île to Fontenay-le-Comte

Hello! The 105th Tour de France underway and what a contrast to last year’s rain?  This year, it’s sunshine all the way – most of Europe in the midst of a heatwave that began in June. This year’s course is very much a French affair – little time spent outside the country and Stage 1 began in the Vendée region, by the coast, with its gorgeous light. Sprinters stages, these first few, so hopes all set for the main men. A surprise all round then, when the stage was taken convincingly by Colombian star Fernando Gaviria of Quickstep Floors – A great start and something unexpected – all points to another incredible race.

My first image goes to the beginning, nearly! The Départ réel – So many people out to watch and cheer everyone – very exciting and a perfect start to the big race!

cycling art, tour de france, maxine dodd Tour de France 2018 – Départ réel – 5.1 Km – £250

The people were out in force, every town and village was simply packed!

cycling art, tour de france, maxine dodd Short Shadows – 149.3km – £150

A great bend in the road, meant riders tore past the people, just about missing their toes! Deep breath everyone!

cycling art, tour de france, maxine dodd So close! 91.6km – £250

Finally, to close Stage 1 – Sunflowers – a little picnic by the roadside, jumping up to see the Tour come by!

cycling art, tour de france, maxine dodd Picnic – Sunflowers, 92.3km – £150

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