Hello! This is another piece reflecting the scenery on this French odyssey. This time the foothills of the Pyrenees – where France meets Spain in spectacular style. I suppose this could be described as the calm before the storm – Stage 16 went well for the riders of the General Classification but today’s stage will be different, explosive and short, but all ups and downs… It will be, arguably, the ultimate test this year – so do enjoy this tranquil scene before it all kicks off later!  🙂Cycling art, Tour de France, Stage 16 - Heading for the high Pyrenees..

Stage 16 – Heading for the High Pyrenees..All the paintings are for sale (unless marked SOLD).  Click to buy Thank you! 🙂  For full details, please visit Picture Info


2 thoughts on “ Tour de France 2018: Stage 16 – Heading for the High Pyrenees… ”

    1. Thanks Sheree! I have to confess that I really enjoyed painting those… I must do some more, but it helps when the subject matter is so beautiful! I hope you’re enjoying the Basque Country? Jim and I used to ski in the Pyrenees years ago and we loved the area very much indeed. Watching these stages made us realise that we must go back and visit again.


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