Six Nations 2019 – Drawing live

six nations, rugby, art

Hello!  This weekend saw another dramatic round of matches in the Six Nations tournament. Surprises, upsets and resurgence, all with some great rugby.

six nations, rugby, art

I won’t say too much about the results, I know some people may not have caught up yet. However, I wanted to publish these while the games are so fresh in mind.


Six Nations, rugby, art
Wales v England – Quick breath

I made them while watching the games – I make them almost as ‘automatic drawings’ (ie  looking at the subject only and not the paper)  I watch and draw, barely looking at the page in front of me.

Six Nations, rugby, art
Wales v England

This gives gestural marks which suggest the flow of the action. The colour comes next where I do look at the drawing in front of me. They are all made in real time, live while the match takes place. I like the raw energy of these, see what you think…

Six Nations, rugby, art
Scotland try!
Six Nations, Rugby, art

All of them are approximately 8 x 8in / 18 x 18 cm in size. Made with my favourite pens and watercolours. I feel that there is scope for development into further work, which I’ll try, but often find that the image ‘dies’ a little for being more ‘finished’.

If I manage to get the balance right, I’ll publish, so let’s see what happens!

Six Nations, Rugby, art
Big red boot

Meqnwhile, I hope you like these and that they remind you of a great weekend 🙂

six nations, Rugby, art,
French sleeves


Available to buy – hot off the press, so to speak – Click this link for the picture enquiry form. Or please email me at, it’s lovely to hear from you.


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