Six Nations 2019 – Wales triumph

Hello!  The weekend saw an outstanding win for Wales rugby, not only of the Six Nations tournament but with a Grand Slam to boot – It doesn’t get much better than that!

Six Nations, Rugby art, Wales v Ireland, Red sky

Wales v Ireland, Red sky

I think back to the their first half performance against France in the first match and what a transformation. They found their feet in the second half of that game and played relentlessly thereafter – simply outstanding.

Rugby art, Six Nations, Wales v Ireland abstract

Wales v Ireland – abstract

Rugby art, Six Nations, Wales v Ireland, pushing on

Wales v Ireland, pushing on

Meanwhile, the tournament finished as it began, with a game of two very different halves. This time it was England who were doing all they could to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory… Scotland turned the match around in the second half in style.  The final score was a draw but it feels very much like a victory for Scotland… Hey ho!

I tried some new larger paper sizes for some of these which are a bit tricky to scan but nice to make. They equate roughly to A3 size on textured watercolour paper, which gives a texture if the paint is applied dry-ish and almost dragged over the surface with a flat brush.

Six Nations, Rugby art, England v Scotland - Pause

England v Scotland – Pause

Six Nations, Rugby art, England v Scotland - Storming

England v Scotland – Storming blues

The others are the usual 8 x 8in size on a lovely sturdy watercolour paper, smooth finish. I used a pen brush by Staedtler, with ink that reacts fantastically well when sprayed with water.

Six Nations, Rugby art, Italy v France - Felix

Italy v France – Felix

Available to buy – hot off the press, so to speak – The sizes are the unframed image. Click this link for the picture enquiry form. Or please email me at, it’s always lovely to hear from you.

Rugby art, Six Nations, Wales: Standing strong

Wales: Standing strong

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