cycling art, Tour of Yorkshire

Hello!  This is a summary of Stage 2, as I have more pictures to make from this absorbing second stage but I hope you enjoy it. The second day’s racing was really exciting, the women set the bar high in the morning and the men followed up in the afternoon.

cycling art, Tour of Yorkshire
Front Pack

The conditions improved a little for the men but still pretty wet and cold with plenty of obstacles on the road to avoid. Still the colour and spectacle was great to see with plenty of fans out to wave them on.

cycling art, Tour of Yorkshire
Wiinding road, long way up

The sprint for the line was won by Rick Zabel of Katusha – He burst through with tremendous strength – I loved his expression and his team mate punching the air behind him – which I’ve shown here.

cycling art, Tour of Yorkshire
Great win for Zabel

The third day promises to be fabulous because we have both races following the coast road – See you at the seaside!


Don’t forget to catch up with full analysis of the racing on

3 responses to “Tour de Yorkshire: Stage 2 – Barnsley to Bedale – Mens”

  1. anacarlawerle5 Avatar

    Great post I loved, Congratulations for your work I’m new in this branch I invite everyone to visit me and if you can follow me


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  2. Garth Bayley Art Avatar

    It may be worth sending to pete at cyclingfans. He used my work on the past but am away this year. Think of doing the giro for me Tell him I recommended you 😁 Garth

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    1. Maxine Dodd - Art Avatar

      Hi Garth, thanks very much. I did contact him ages ago but although he was interested, he never followed up, so I assumed he’d changed his mind… perhaps time to try again. Thanks very much, 🙂

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