Still on the easel, but ready to go!

This is another foray into acrylic, which I have enjoyed using for a change. I have found them difficult in the past but have discovered that I have been using them incorrectly! I have always used a tiny amount of medium with a lot of water.

This is bad for the paint which can ‘split’. It is a polymer, so needs the medium to stretch the paint and allow it to flow. I now use plenty of medium with very little water and it works so well.*

This painting is the result of this learning, so it was great to make it!

Postscript 1/11/19 – I’m delighted to report that ‘Getting ready’ has now sold.

* Footnote: Advice on the subject of acrylic medium from Winsor & Newton:

Tips on using acrylic mediums

4 responses to “Are you ready? SOLD”

  1. louiseaprimeau Avatar

    I love the different look of acrylics compared to your works in watercolour. In a course I am taking, the instructor told us that she contacted Golden acrylics and was told that we could use water as much as we please, Golden paints will not be affected. I have used acrylic as watercolour, very watered down, and the paintings on paper are several years old and haven’t changed in any way. Just an FYI in case you were worried. However, this applies only to Gokden as far as I know. Cheers!

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    1. Maxine Dodd - Art Avatar

      Hi Louise, thanks for your lovely comment and the information regarding Golden acrylics. I use a variety of makes, but I don’t have Golden! I know that they are an excellent paint though and I’m sure their advice is sound.
      I have also used acrylics thin like watercolour mostly as an ‘undercoat’ to pastels and they do work absolutely fine.
      It was when they were at their medium thickness I struggled, there never seemed to be enough ‘body’ to the paint, no ‘oomph’ to it compared to oils. It was just a personal prejudice really I suppose.
      However, using the medium really solves the problem for me and I have enjoyed using them again. It’s nice to change medium from time to time for a fresh challenge. 🙂
      Glad you like the picture, another example is a rugby one called ‘Break away’ on this link See what you think…

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  2. kestrelart Avatar

    Really good

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    1. Maxine Dodd - Art Avatar

      Brill! Thank you 😊


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