Thursday #1 – ‘Resus is a high level PPE area’

'Resus is a high level PPE area'

The initiative to clap for carers officially came to a close last week – so I wanted to offer a gesture of support to everyone providing continued, dedicated service by publishing a picture on Thursdays at 8pm, the time we all came out to clap.

This image is a study drawing, made in oil pastel and ink, of doctors and nurses entering resus through the entrance doors, with printed signs – ‘Resus is a high level PPE area’.

All the issues around PPE in the UK brought to mind in a simple phrase.

With thanks to all who work on the frontline. Keep well 🌈

Resus is a high level PPE area, oil on pastel, 40cm x 40cm
‘Resus is a high level PPE area’


  1. That’s a great idea Maxine! I guess you, like me, will be glad to see sport starting up again. I read that Brendan Rodgers had the virus pretty bad, so I hope the boys do it for him and finish the season off in style! 🦊 (My boys were on the slide and I hoped the season would end ‘as is’ so that they survived, but now I fear they will not!

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    1. Thanks Mike, great to hear from you. Yes, it will be great to have sport back! I have missed it. The new formats will be interesting won’t they… for all! Fingers crossed as ever for the Foxes 🦊 and Tigers 🐯 (of all stripes of course!) Keep well! 👍

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