Still so many People and bikes!

cycling art, tour de france
Stage 21 – Still so many! People and bikes!

This drawing brings back lovely memories from last year’s Tour de France. It was a long, hard race as always – and as always, so many people are out to support and cheer the riders. This was at Stage 21 – the last ride of the race into Paris – and it was packed. Like many fans of this great race, I am glad to see that it will take place in the autumn – quite how the crowds will be managed is another question. I’m glad I only make drawings! Have a great weekend and keep safe whatever you’re doing 🙂

Original watercolour, pen and ink on paper
20cm x 20cm (8in x 8 in) image


  1. I would certainly go and stand by the roadside (at a safe distance of course) if it came anywhere near here… But, sadly, it isn’t. 😥 So, like many, including yourself, I’ll have to be content with the TV images. Let’s hope it turns out to be another incredible race.


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