Thursday #3 – Green aprons

Green aprons

Thanks to all our carers, doctors, nurses and key workers.

Green aprons, oil pastel by Maxine Dodd
Green aprons
Oil pastel and watercolour on paper,
40cm x 40cm / 16in x 16in

Keep going, keep well and stay safe 🌈


    1. Hi Sheree, no, in the UK, Clapping for Carers on Thursday evenings stopped at the end of May, I think. Personally, whilst I understood the reason behind this, ie full lockdown coming to an end, and a need to move on, I also felt that carers and NHS staff, along with other key workers are still facing the disease head-on, so I thought I would continue in a different way, by publishing a picture on the same day and time, just as a small gesture of thanks really. 😊

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