Tour de France Revisited, 2013 – Givors – Mont Ventoux

Bonjour! Happy Bastille Day – This look back through the Racing Lines archive brings me to ‘Green Sprint’, which I made during the 2013 Tour de France.

Tour de France 2013, Stage 15, Green Sprint, watercolour by Maxine Dodd
Green sprint

2013 was a special year for the Tour, as it was the 100th running of the race and Stage 15 was particularly special – it was the longest route that year from at 242.5 kilometers, or 151 miles and, as if that wasn’t enough, the stage climaxed with a climb to the summit of Mont Ventoux. The route was lined with so many people, often with their own bikes, trying to ride the gruelling climb themselves.

Even more special, it was 14th July, Bastille Day and I wanted to reflect this with a lovely big French flag! (If you know my work, you’ll know how I love to paint flags!) The image shows the Intermediate Sprint, through Malaucène, won by Peter Sagan. He was in Green and the route through the leafy trees in the afternoon sunshine was lined with people and flags – Perfect!

Since it is Bastille Day today, it seemed a great way to celebrate and remember the joy shared by fans of the great race on this most significant day in its long history. This year will be so different but there are wonderful memories, which live through everything that Life brings.

Have a lovely Bastille Day whatever you are doing and wherever you are! 🙂

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Photo of Maxine Dodd's painting, 'Green sprint'
Green sprint

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