Tour de France 2020: Stage 6 – A quick look back – Alexy Lutsenko

A quick look back, Alexy Lutsenko, watercolour, pen and ink by Maxine Dodd

Stage 6 was taken in a lovely solo effort by Alexy Lutsenko – Just before he reached the line, he looked back and waved, it was a great image and one I had to capture. Right on the edge of the paper as always!

A quick look back, Alexy Lutsenko, watercolour, pen and ink by Maxine Dodd
A quick look back, Alexy Lutsenko

Have a good day today.. 🙂


    1. Bless you! That’s great to hear. I have really enjoyed making these. It’s been such a difficult year at times, so I thought that I must really ‘go for it’ with these! It’s great to hear that you are enjoying them. There has been a lovely response so far, which is hugely encouraging. I can’t thank you enough! Maxine


    1. Bless you Sheree! Thanks so much – it’s been lovely to get back to making them again after the start to the year, when we thought there was no chance of the race taking place.

      I don’t know what your feelings are but I also think that it’s been a very exciting Tour this year, one of the best I’ve watched – I am thoroughly enjoying all the new young stars coming to the fore. There are great climbers and sprinters and the clever ones in between who can do both! It’s been an absolute joy to watch. What will Stage 13 hold today, I wonder! Have fun and enjoy it! 🙂

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      1. I agree Maxine, it is proving to be an exciting Tour possibly due to the lack of dominance by one team. New talent often emerges, such as Hirschi, at these races and it cheers knowing that the sport will be in good hands going forwards. Let’s just hope and pray they make it to Paris.

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