Tour de France 2020: Stage 9 – Marc Hirschi flies!

This second image for Stage 9 shows Marc Hirschi, demonstrating his astonishing descending skills. Hirschi is so exciting to watch – if you haven’t seen this yet, I urge you to look at a video from this stage – it is edge-of -your-seat viewing!

Marc Hirschi flies! watercolour, pen and ink by Maxine Dodd
Marc Hirschi flies!

I love these descents – I love to see the speed and enjoy the challenge to convey that speed in a picture. Here, the image was helped by a man at the side of the road waving his French flag on a long pole! This gave great impetus to the line, which I hope gets the feeling of movement across.

Have a good day today.. 🙂

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