Tour de France 2020: Stage 20 – Start line reflections – Pinot! Pinot!

The next few images, I have called ‘Start line reflections’, initially because I am fascinated by the reflections in the helmet screens that riders wear. The thought then dawned on me that the wait for the rider before setting off may also be a time of reflection? I expect mostly they are thinking about the job in hand, but are there a few seconds when their thoughts turn elsewhere? I wonder…

The first image is the great French hero Thibaut Pinot waiting for the countdown. I wonder if he could hear the fans chanting his name, ‘Pinot! Pinot!’? He is such a popular rider, and along with so many great French stars, bears the weight of the whole country desperate for a win. Any fan of the England football team knows exactly how the French fans feel – it would be fantastic for a win soon – it’s a long time coming!

 Start line reflections: Pinot! Pinot! Watercolour, pen and ink by Maxine Dodd
Start line reflections: Pinot! Pinot!

Have a good day today.. 🙂