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Six Nations 2020 – Welcome back!

Hello! – It all feels a very long time ago since the 2020 Six Nations tournament got underway – how the World has changed since then!

I can’t imagine that there is one person on this planet whose life hasn’t changed dramatically one way or another since the tournament was postponed in March… but here we are, one way or another, near the end of October, thrashing around adapting to this new life, whilst desperately trying to continue with the old one!

To this end, there have been some fantastic sporting events taking place, all crammed into the last remaining months of the year, with topsy-turvey giddiness as they hurtle past!  Today sees a welcome return to the Six Nations with the match between Ireland and Italy this afternoon and a ‘super Saturday’ to look forward to next weekend.  I have my kit at the ready, as I love drawing rugby, it’s flow and twists and turns and the Herculean strength are a joy to watch. 

Here are some images featuring Italy and Ireland to whet your appetite – Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Six Nations 2020 – Welcome back!

    1. Hi Mike! Thank you, great to hear from you. I have been working on a commission since the Tour, but following Giro and Vuelta in between. I am keeping everything crossed for Geoghegan Hart tomorrow, he has done fantastically well! ๐Ÿ™

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      1. I hope you enjoy catching up – meanwhile, would you be interested in signing up to follow my own newsletter? I am dipping my toe tentatively into the water! You can see the link here on the Contact page, I have made a solemn vow only to send once a month! Best wishes, Maxine ๐Ÿ™‚


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