Mallorca -Blue Skies

Mallorca Blue Skies

I thought that a little ray of sunshine might be nice to share today. At this time of year, the first cycle race I draw is the weekend Challenge Mallorca event, which takes place over four days, the last weekend in January. This year, it has been postponed until May – fingers crossed, I shall capture it then instead. Here is a picture I made from Stage 1 from 2017, lovely and sunny, the back of the peloton with a team car and the skies so blue…

Have a good Wednesday 🙂

Mallorca Blue Skies

Mallorca Blue Skies


Original watercolour with pen and ink

13.5cm x 14cm / 5.25in x 5.5in


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10 Comments on “Mallorca -Blue Skies

    • Cheers Mike! I think we’re all missing a bit of sunshine and sea! I wonder if people who live by the sea are missing mountains and snow? We met some lovely people a few years ago in one of our local watering holes and they were holidaying in Leicestershire (and did so regularly). They loved Leicestershire and thought it was beautiful (I can’t argue against that of course!). We were surprised and a little amazed though when they said that they were from Cornwall….proving the point that ‘a change is a good as a rest’. (Fingers crossed for our boys tonight – it’s a big match!!!)


  1. These are beautiful Maxine. I’m training on a smart trainer this winter have been enjoying numerous rides in Mallorca. You capture the spirit of the place with these drawings. I love your work.

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