Six Nations 2021 – Jonny May’s flying try

HERE’S JONNY! Apologies! I couldn’t resist, it’s a great line from a great film! Here I have pinched it to describe these three images of Jonny May, made after his astonishing try at England’s last match against Italy. He flew high into the air – before scoring an astonishing try. It was amazing.

I have made several images but these three are my favourites – all larger than my usual size, from A3 up to A2-ish! so the lines and materials have expanded from the usual watercolour, pen and ink to include brush and twig as well as pen for the ink lines and acrylic paint here and there in addition to the watercolour. I also used a palette knife to give texture to drag the paint across the page and give extra marks and texture.

I worked on the three of them over the course of a day or so – switching from one to another as the paint or ink needed to dry.

Fingers crossed for another flying performance from him today!

Speaking of which… better publish now before kickoff!

8 Comments on “Six Nations 2021 – Jonny May’s flying try

  1. Absolutely love these. Especially try III. Beautiful colours and movement.

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    • Hello Linda! Thanks so much! Lovely to hear from you. Hope you are all keeping well! When this is all over you will have to come over again, love Maxine xx


  2. It certainly was an amazing try. While III is perhaps the most accurate depiction, I think I prefer II. It has that ‘blur’ which is what he was!! 😊 Maybe you’ll be painting the ref after today’s game!? (He was the ‘star’ of the show!)


    • Oh Mike! Wasn’t he just? Jim was incandescent! I can’t see that he will referee a top match again for a while… however England dropped a few clangers too and Wales were on top form, but the last person to be discussed should be the referee… very sad to see it.


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