Euro 2021: Two surprise draws

Some drawings from two matches that both resulted in draws, both of which were unexpected, including the debacle that was England v Scotland… (at least for England fans).

Scotland played with great heart and their fans were so passionate, it was great to see.

Euros 2020 England v Scotland – Flowers of Scotland

England’s best moment was an astounding acrobatic header from John Stones, which sadly hit the post, not the target… ditto a lovely strike from Che Adams, which was wide of the mark.

Euros 2020 England v Scotland – Incredible Height, John Stones
Euros 2020 England v Scotland -Adams strike

Next came Hungary v France, a game where Hungary played really well and put the current World Champions to the test. A lovely flying strike from Fiola put Hungary ahead. Griezmann equalized and that’s the way it remained, a great achievement for Hungary, not so great for France…

Euros 2020 Hungary v France – Fiolas Flying Strike
Euros 2020 Hungary v France – Griezmann, Beautifully struck!

It will be interesting to see what happens next with these four… some hearts could be made or broken and maybe not as expected.