Tour de France 2021: Stage 10 – Chartreuse Green

Tour de France 2021 - Stage 10, Chartreuse Green - Original watercolour painting Maxine Dodd
Tour de France 2021 – Stage 10, Chartreuse Green

Stage 10 saw the race resume in sunshine! A long stage and everything geared towards the sprinters and notably, Mark Cavendish – so much pressure for him to take another stage win and edge nearer to that magic target – He looked calm as he set out and set his stall out for the stage win by not going for the intermediate sprint.

The route passes through the area where the famous green-yellow drink Chartreuse originates, which seems highly appropriate today –

Even the landscape is a gorgeous mix of greens, as you can see…

2 thoughts on “Tour de France 2021: Stage 10 – Chartreuse Green

  1. Love that peloton! (I hope you’re not offended by the suggestion, but…) It always amazes me how a few squiggles and spots of colour can reflect what’s actually happening! Absolutely brilliant Maxine!

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    1. Hello Mike! Thank you for your lovely compliment!

      It’s the thing about painting and drawing that always amazes me too. Just look at the brushwork of Rembrandt, flicks of the brush become embroidered cloth, metal armour, even a beard when he makes them… just incredible.

      It’s all mark making at the end of the day… I am just so grateful when the marks and colours come together and tell the story … thank you!

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