Olympics 2021 - Gymnastics: Vault, original watercolour painting Maxine Dodd
Olympics 2021 - Gymnastics: Vault, original watercolour painting Maxine Dodd
Olympics 2021 – Gymnastics: Vault

Hello! The Olympic Games began in Tokyo last weekend – I confess that I have just been watching so far – taking it all in and resting after the work around the Tour de France.

For the first few days, it almost feels like a bombardment of sport, I rather enjoy the first week, because there is so much variety to see and enjoy. I like the different locations both indoor and outside and it’s these early events that give the viewer at home a feel for the location and how these special games are going to be.

So having taken a breath, I found that I soon wanted to start making pictures so I will post selected things that catch my eye and interest – from the point of view of making art and not necessarily illustrating performances.

Here is the first of these images – which I loved making – The challenge was the men’s gymnastic team event, where one discipline is followed by another so quickly. I made the pictures with several sketchbooks and papers on the go at the same time and moved between them – It was great!

Work setup, including the vault

This one of the vault discipline – which was just exhilarating! Lovely to watch and lovely to make – it’s a return to a more abstract approach, which I like. I used the fan brush to indicate the twists and turns as he flew through the air and the watercolour paint helped the image by flowing just beautifully – sometimes, it feels as though I’m there as a bystander almost, just guiding the paint and letting it do its ‘thing’!

I hope you like it too!

4 responses to “Olympic Games 2021 – Vault”

  1. karengadient Avatar

    Love it, Maxine!

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  2. Alittlebitoutoffocus Avatar

    I guess the Olympics and the gymnastics in particular must be a perfect subject matter for you, with all that movement. (Though I suspect the swimmers might take some painting – unless it’s their celebrations of course!)

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    1. Maxine Dodd - Art Avatar

      Thanks Mike, they aren’t easy but the underwater camera helps!

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