Coming to Wrexham, Tour of Britain, Stage 1, by Maxine Dodd
Coming to Wrexham, Tour of Britain, Stage 1, by Maxine Dodd
Coming to Wrexham, Tour of Britain

The Tour of Britain is one of my favourite races – not surprising really! Like any race on ‘home’ territory, for a fan, it’s lovely to see star riders from your own country alongside top teams and riders from across the world. When they come past your own front door almost – it’s a great feeling and spectacle. The race has a long history and always marks the start of autumn for me – so the light is great and scenery beautiful.

Here then, is one for cycling fans from Wrexham – which I made the last time the Tour came by in 2015. This picture is a favourite – I love making panoramas, the perfect shape for a wide view of the peloton.

The 2021 race starts tomorrow and will travel to Wales, so it will be great to see scenes like this once more.

2 responses to “Tour of Britain: Coming to Wrexham”

  1. Missionarysights Avatar

    Tour of Britain: Coming to Wrexham


  2. Alittlebitoutoffocus Avatar

    Beautiful painting Maxine. I’m afraid this event has passed me by… (with everything almost packed and ready to go – we set off on Wednesday…) Good to see though that the event sometimes comes close to my new ‘home’ ! I sense more opportunities to ‘star’! 😉

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