Leicester City v Manchester Utd – Oct 2021: Iheanacho takes the ball

Iheanacho v Pogba - Leicester City v Man Utd, October 2021, original painting by Maxine Dodd
Iheanacho v Pogba – Leicester City v Man Utd, October 2021 – Leicester Open 32: The People’s Exhibition 2021

The Foxes versus the Red Devils at the King Power Stadium on Saturday promised to be a tasty game… although Leicester has had what you could kindly call a ‘mixed’ start to the season.

Saturday saw an apparently new team come out to play the super squad of Manchester Utd – Mostly the same faces but my word – new attitude, new confidence and new purpose! Absolutely wonderful to see and whilst it must be a painful start to the weekend for fans of Manchester Utd – they have some extraordinary players who are just a joy to watch as well.

My first image shows a little tussle at the start between Paul Pogba and Kelechi Iheanacho, who was not standing for any nonsense and took the ball away. Interesting fashion note with Pogba was that he had blue and white dreadlocks – I was surprised!

Great afternoon and such a wonderful game that will live long in the memory of Leicester City fans! Lovely to see them back! 🙂

Media: Original watercolour with pen and ink
Image size: 26cm x 26cm / 10.25in x 10.25in, image

Update – You can see this painting as part of the Open 32: The People’s Exhibition at Leicester Museum and Art Gallery – 4th December 2021 – 21st January 2022

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