Euros 2021: Kalvin Phillips – You’re not having that!

Euros 2020 - Phillips - You're not having that!
Euros 2020 – Phillips – You’re not having that!

Looking back over work made during the summer – This was a picture that was a joy to do and a joy to watch – Kalvin Phillips is a passionate player, so determined to keep the ball no matter what the pressure.

I made this one from the match against Croatia, where he ‘announced’ his presence right from the start. The Croatian player was definitely not having the ball – it was Kalvin’s!

I love his style!

Picture information: Original watercolour with pen and ink on paper
Size: 20cm x 20cm – image only
Status: Available, presently unframed – can be purchased in protective mount or fully framed
Price: £325 fully framed – £250 mount only

6 thoughts on “Euros 2021: Kalvin Phillips – You’re not having that!

      1. Yes, I was a big fan of that Leeds team. Hunter, Jacki Charlton and Billy Bremner were notorious, but Johnny Giles was just as competitive. My favourite phrase regarding Norman ‘ bites yer legs’ Hunter, taken from a newspaper report, was that “He couldn’t tell flesh from leather!” Brilliant!

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