Andratx, Almonds and olives - two original watercolour paintings by Maxine Dodd from the Mallorca Challenge cycle race, May 2021

Just as January really starts to bite and feels like SUCH a long month, the Mallorca Challenge cycle race pops up over the last weekend and brightens the new year, heralding a new cycling season and the promise of Spring.

Loving Andratx - Challenge Mallorca 2021, original watercolour with pen and ink painting by Maxine Dodd
Loving Andratx – Challenge Mallorca 2021

This year’s race takes place over five days for the first time but last year’s was moved to May because of the continuing Covid-19 crisis. January was the longest of all last year!

The series of races coming in May was still a treat and here are two paintings I made from the TV coverage, in the countryside around Andratx. The pictures were made together – as you can see from the colours – the olives in the title could easily refer to the colour of my paint, as well as the trees themselves. I think this is the UAE team because of the flashes of red but don’t take my word and please feel free to correct me!

Almonds and olives - Challenge Mallorca 2021, original watercolour with pen and ink painting by Maxine Dodd
Almonds and olives – Challenge Mallorca 2021

I like them together as a pair – and I am showing them here arranged horizontally but they look good stacked vertically too – Ideal for one of those awkward spaces! What do you think?

Andratx, Almonds and Olives

Meanwhile, this year’s series is on just now, so I am looking forward to sharing some new paintings with you soon – Have a great weekend!

Just remember, it’s nearly February! Spring on its way 🙂

Picture information: Original watercolour with pen and ink on paper
Size: 17.5cm x 17.5cm – image only
Status: Available, presently unframed – can be purchased in protective mount or fully framed either singly or as a pair – horizontal or vertical alignment.
Price: £325 fully framed or £375 framed as a pair in one frame. £150 each mount only

3 responses to “Andratx – Almonds and olives”

  1. Missionarysights Avatar

    Andratx – Almonds and olives

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  2. Sheree Avatar

    Looking forward to seeing your paintings in my timeline

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    1. Maxine Dodd - Art Avatar

      Thank you! That’s great to hear 🙂

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