Ruins - Drawing MaxineDodd
Ruins - Drawing MaxineDodd
Small boy - drawing Maxine Dodd
Small boy
Wrapped - drawing Maxine Dodd

Following the unfolding events in Ukraine, I was disturbed and alarmed like many. In Leicester, there is a longstanding Ukranian community and where I grew up in the city, I went to school with, lived near and worked with Ukranians, who I counted as friends, colleagues and neighbours. I made these drawings in 2014 but never published them. Looking at them again, I feel I should and also to make more as the days unfold. Darkest of dark times.

2 responses to “Ruins”

  1. romlom101 Avatar

    Maxine, hello I just want you to know that I share your anguish at what is happening in Ukraine, and your desire to demonstrate support for its people. May goodness find a way. Romy

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    1. Maxine Dodd - Art Avatar

      Indeed Romy, it’s what we must pray for. Thank you for your kind and wise comment, Maxine


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