Knock on advantage – Ireland v England

Hello! I have looking back lately, as next year sees the tenth anniversary of launching my blog and website, ‘Racing Lines’. I want to celebrate this milestone and invite you to join me to look back over my archive of paintings and drawings made with watercolour, pen and ink, with the occasional dab of pastel – all of them inspired by sport, movement and fleeting moments. They will be selected at random – just finding pictures I like and sharing again for fun! I am going to categorise them as ‘Racing Lines Lookback’ so they are easy to find.

The second lookback is to Six Nations rugby, Ireland v England from 2019 which seemed appropriate as the teams meet again this weekend – Should be a great game!

Have a great Thursday!

Media: Original watercolour with pen and ink and pastel
Dimensions of the framed painting are as follows 56cm w x 47cm h (22in x 18.5in) and the image within is36cm x 26cm (14in x 10in)

This painting has sold and no longer available

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