Tour de France 2021 - Stage 4 - Return of the Manx! original watercolour painting Maxine Dodd
Stage 21, Paris - On the Champs! Watercolour, pen and ink by Maxine Dodd
Tour de France 2021 – Stage 4 – Return of the Manx! SOLD

The image that captured the first of Mark Cavendish’s stupendous stage wins from last year’s Tour de France. What an outpouring of emotion there was not only from the man himself but everyone who has followed and supported him over the years.

A gem of a day!

The painting sold at my solo exhibition recently and featured on the cover of Local Living magazine, which was a lovely surprise!

Local Living magazine

This painting is now SOLD

3 responses to “Return of the Manx! – SOLD”

  1. Alittlebitoutoffocus Avatar

    It’s a great painting of a very special moment. I’m surprised it wasn’t snapped up sooner!

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    1. Maxine Dodd - Art Avatar

      Hi Mike,
      Thank you! I think the painting was waiting for its new owners to find it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Alittlebitoutoffocus Avatar

        Yes, I’m sure they will enjoy it for many years to come!

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