Tour de France 2022 - The King of Cool, Tom Pidcock

Stage 11 was a defining stage, Stage 12 ripped up the race completely! This came in the form of Tom Pidcock, who lit up the race with a breathtaking descent on the Col du Galibier. With 10km left, Tom took off like a rocket and held his lead not only to take his first TDF stage win, but on the Alpe d’Huez no less. What a way to start your Tour de France career? So cool!

This is my first image from the Stage 12 but there are more to follow, as the wonderful stories and images from this and yesterday’s stages will live long in the memory, but I had to start with this phenomenal young rider. He’s a cycling gem!

Tour de France 2022 - The King of Cool, Tom Pidcock
Tour de France 2022 – The King of Cool – SOLD

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3 responses to “Tour de France 2022: The King of Cool – SOLD”

  1. Sheree Avatar

    Superb descender

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  2. Alittlebitoutoffocus Avatar

    A phenomenal ride (and talent) indeed! The angle he had on one of those corners was reminiscent of those superbike riders. How he stayed up I’ll never know!

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    1. Maxine Dodd - Art Avatar

      Absolutely!!! I had a thought to make a picture of him on those descents and call it, ‘Angles’ so we’re thinking along the same lines! I have never seen anyone descend quite like that on two wheels without an engine! Remarkable! And today, Fred Wright so close to make it a double British win. So good to have two young talents coming through isn’t it? Glad you’re able to watch live too! Catch up soon! 👍


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