Euros 2022: Semi-final: The Lionesses roar

The first semi final of the Women’s Euros took place last night in Sheffield. I have been watching and enjoying the Lionesses’ progress through the tournament but last night, the semi final against Sweden was extraordinary. The Swedes were a strong and fast side but could not hold England back. Once the first goal went in, three more followed. A thumping win and a delight to witness!

England in the final at Wembley on Sunday.

Wow! Can’t wait!

Here are my live sketches, just trying to keep up! Drawing by the light of the TV, it was too exciting to put the lights on!


      1. Well, I see Germany won this evening, so it’s England v Germany at Wembley…. Er… Do we think it’s all over? I was wondering if they might trawl out the old footage of Geoff and crew, but I suspect not, as they will probably want to (or should) concentrate on the women’s game.

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