Women's Euros 2022 - Chloe Kelly strikes!

The England Women’s team are European Champions – they’ve done it! An historic moment in the story of football. I reckon a glass ceiling shattered unoticed in the background, under the deluge of cheering and singing of ‘Sweet Caroline’! The sound of the audience’s young voices will resonate with me for a very long time. For the players even more profound, I can only imagine.

The match itself was a real cliffhanger – great performances from all the team, but just as I was getting ready for penalties as the end of extra time drew near, Chloe Kelly struck home the winner, and her second touch saw the ball in the net and that was it – job done!

Here are my images made while the action played out in stunned amazement!

Football has come home! It feels like a new world today…

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